On December 12, 2021, we will be hosting a virtual race on the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Marathon Course!
A variety of events will be held, including a 10-km and 42.195-km bike ride, 1.5km*, 3-km, 5-km and 21-km runs.
Live action images will be used to give runners a sense that they’re actually speeding through the city of Tokyo.
In addition to physical participation at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium Sub arena and a satellite venue(Sports Club NAS cooperative store), participants will be able to take part online in different parts of Japan as well as overseas!
Rankings will be displayed onsite for participants who complete their course ride or run, and the top three riders and runners in each event will receive prizes with icons of Tokyo Tokyo!
Entrants who finish their races will be able to download certificates from the Sports Entry.
Special guests will participate in the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium Sub Arena!
Live Streaming on Youtube.

TOKYO VR Racing~5km run~(2)12:00~12:45 Special guest:Kenji Moriwaki

TOKYO VR Racing~10km ride~(4)14:15~14:45 Special guest:Dancho-Yasuda、Cycling YouTuber Kenta-san

[Ride course]
・10km   :Sensoji Temple~Zojoji Temple
・42.195km:Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium~Japan Olympic Museum

[Run course]
*1.5km:(Gaien Nishi-dori~National Stadium) is a prior experiential session to be held from Nov 26 to Nov 28, and course experience will be available on the ROUVY app after November 26.
・3km :Ginza~Sensoji Temple
・5km :Sensoji Temple~Nihonbashi
・21km :Gaien Nishi-dori~National Stadium